Monday, January 8, 2018

Here's your guide to the Henryverse- a world of rare and collectible books on Facebook Live

Henry Bemis Bookspeople keep their fingers in many literary pies!

Owner Lindsay Thompson, for example, does a weekly series of video book programs on Facebook.

LGBookT- a Monday look at LGBT authors, literature and collecting- can be found on the show's page. Here's last week's episode.

Wednesdays is Gallimaufry Day: the time we gather up an omnium-gatherum of literary celebrations, authors' birthdays, and stories we just find interesting. It's on at noon, more or less. But like all our shows, we save them on the Henry Bemis Books page so you can dip into them at your leisure.

BookWeek is a Thursday noon program with news and interviews ripped from the bindings and dust jackets of the rare book world. There's a lot of old book news out there: we just gather it in one place for you, as we did for New Year's.

And Saturday is Rare Book Cafe day, on its Facebook page at 2:30 pm.  Our first show of 2018 reached over 1000 fans before bedtime last Saturday. Come join the fun this Saturday!

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