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-I had no idea this author was so fascinating and eccentric!! I realize now how I granted I take these talented authors of children's classics. And they can be as naughty as their pint-size audience! I do love your essays, Henry. They are as edifying as they are entertaining. Don't ever stop!

-I so enjoy your posts. I love that you cover authors I may not find elsewhere and I feel I am connecting the dots to new inspirations to be found. Thanks so much!

-Fascinating!!! Will have to make a point of reading this author.

-Who the hell is going to read all this shit? Get real! There's a reason I've seen only three of all the James Bond movies and never wasted a moment reading a single, solitary word of Ian Fleming's.

-I should read more of these because I find the life these authors lived is always different than you might suspect.

I've enjoyed all your pride month profiles, but I think this has been my favorite!!! What do you have in the works for the coming months? I feel lucky I've discovered you, Henry!

-I love your page!!

-Love the write up, I have several of his books that I plan on reading, always learning something new about authors, I love it.

-I just started reading this author recently when I came across a number of her books at my local used bookstore. She's wonderful! I had no idea about her background. Thanks for the article!

-I look forward to reading your posts on authors now every day! I am hooked :) so happy and inspired when I read and learn so much about the authors you post!

-You're one brilliantly funny, smart ass kinda genius communicator.

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