About Henry Bemis Books

How to contact us:

The home office (literally) is 5513 Beam Lake Drive, Charlotte, NC 28216. We're not set up as a shop here, so, if you fancy a drop-by, please schedule a time to make sure we are here, and have our hair brushed. You can email us at henrybemisbookseller@gmail.com.

We're on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as Henry Bemis Books.

What we do:

Henry Bemis books is a quality used, rare and collectible book dealer and private library consultancy in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

We opened in 2014 and operating as an Internet business. Our consulting services are detailed in the pages, “Bespoke Library Services” and “Media Services”, below this page.

Our aims are simple:
  1. To create a retail and online business, one that provides a thoughtfully-chosen selection of good quality and reasonably priced used, rare and collectible books, and other items of interest, for our friends.
  2. To be as helpful, knowledgeable and willing to go any reasonable distance to assist our customers, whatever their needs may be, as we can. We want to be your Nordstrom for books.
  3. In addition to being a viable business, we will be a social and professional center for readers, writers, publishers, reviewers, artists and other community groups. We want to highlight local authors, regional and academic press works, and readers whose interests are not well-served by the other booksellers in the area.
  4. Our locations- physical and virtual- will be as attractive, clean and well organized as it is possible for us to make them. The old notion of the bookstore as a musty, cluttered warren of aisles and swaybacked shelving, the lot covered in dust, is just that: old. We want to move books, from our shelves to yours. Making things easy to see, and find, is part of that.
  5. We will actively support both the professional and artistic community of our area.
  6. We welcome everyone.

We love to hear from our friends. Please sign up for our free, electronic catalogues and newsletters. We are happy to add you to our watch list as well, for those titles you haven’t been able to find. Got books you want to get rid of, too? Perhaps we can help.

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