Monday, February 29, 2016

New: 5 Biocomix

We're suckers for a good graphic novel, so we were excited to come across this recommends list at Panels (2-5 are here):

I always say that graphic memoirs are what got me into comics. I’d been reading and loving them for years before I started reading any types of series; they’re my first love. I stopped reading them for awhile—not on purpose, but because I had a lot of other “work” reading to do, and I stopped prioritizing them. But one day, I just looked at all the awesome graphic memoirs on my shelves desperate to be read, and I knew that it was time for a binge. Here are 5 graphic memoirs I read that I think everyone should pick up and read:
prison island colleen frakesPrison Island – Colleen Frakes (Zest Books)
“You can never go home again” is a popular saying, but in Frakes’ case, it’s true, as she grew up on an island that housed a prison. The only people who lived on the island full-time besides the prisoners were the people who worked there and their families, but in 2010, the island was closed for good. This memoir bounces back and forth between Frakes growing up on the island, and the quirks of living in such a strange situation, and what it was like to go back for the closing ceremony and say goodbye to her hometown once and for all.

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