Monday, February 22, 2016

New worlds opening for superheroes

As comics and graphic novels grow into an ever-richer genre, a generation of African superheroes is challenging the American Century:
...a legion of other animators, [ha]ve created a veritable pantheon of new superheroes. They range from Kwezi, a social-media-savvy South African teenager with superhuman strength, to Enzo, a 19-year-old Cameroonian descendant whose battle gear is modeled after Kenyan Maasai warriors. Comic Republic, which launched in 2013, is known for its badass women, like Aje, a half-Nigerian, half-Venezuelan witch who’s learning to control her powers for good or evil. Leti Arts, one of the African continent’s first interactive-media studios, features The True Ananse, a digital comic and mobile game based on the Ghanian folklore character Kweku Ananse, known for his cunning trickery.

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