Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy anniversary to a book evangelist!

Bucks On The Bookshelf

Congratulations to Steven Eisenstein who reports on Facebook:
Bucks on the Bookshelf on is one year old today. I want to thank "you all" for your support of the program this past year, and more so for future broadcasts. If you have a book question today between noon and 2:00pm call us at 1 727 498 0459 and hopefully I can tell you you have a treasure. Our best discovery to date for a listener was $50,000.00 I hope someone breaks that record today. If you happen to have or inherited a collection of GOLF Books then listen today. Maybe you can get a financial hole-in-one from the sale of the books.
Eisenstein's two-hour weekly show is a labor of love for collectors. You can be a novice collector, or a Sotheby's expert and still earn from this program. The host combines a borscht-belt sense of humor with nearly half a century's expertise in bookselling and appraisals.

In addition, twice a week Eisenstein is one of the regulars on the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers' podcast, Rare Book Cafe. It's on today at 2.30 pm EST, and Thursday nights at 8 (the link references an earlier schedule that included a Wednesday show). Thanks to the wonders of technology, on RBC you can show three experts your treasures and get some tips on whether you can start planning an early retirement.

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