Sunday, May 29, 2016

More Pirie Collection diaspora news

Book collectors and enthusiasts have been following the sale of the Robert Pirie Collection since it was announced last fall. The auction, last December, drew a who's who of individual and institutional bidders. A link to the summary of the sale is here.

The latest auction participant to make public its winnings is Oxford's Bodleian Library, which has just published a well-illustrated account of what it brought home.

The Folger Shakespeare Library, part of the Smithsonian family of museums, has published a fascinating three-part account of how they mapped their auction campaign, bringing home 47 items obtained in battle with much better-funded competitors.

Part 2 of the Folger's Pirie adventures is here, discussing the books purchased.

Part 3 is here, and goes over the manuscripts The Folger acquired.

Henry Bemis Books' previous posts on the Pirie auction are here: publication of the Sotheby's catalogue in November; a December 3 profile of Pirie the collector; and how the Morgan Library fared, here. 

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