Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Me? #Stevenson #TheBlackArrow

[S]tartup dating app MyBae’s finding that users who include reading tags on their profiles were more likely to find a match. “Out of all our matches, 21% had related reading tags in common. This is much stronger than the average of 15% for all other matches that similar matches with music, films, or TV,” says MyBae, adding that “users spent longer in general” on the profiles of people with reading tags.

“Users that featured book-specific tags such as #TheGirlOnTheTrain, #GameOfThronesBooks or #TheLastMan and used at least two book-related tags had a dramatically increased chance of matching with someone,” writes MyBae’s Daniel Sobey-Harker. I was initially intrigued about the unexpected number of people enjoying Mary Shelley’s lesser-known novel, before I realised he must mean Brian K Vaughan’s comic series.

Sobey-Harker speculates that the reason for readers’ popularity on the app “could be either that people who listed their interests to a detailed degree took more care with their profile … or that reading books physically changes you into a sexier version of yourself. I’ll be going with the latter.”

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