Monday, October 24, 2016

Book Radio Saturdays!

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This Saturday, October 29, The Bookman meets The Paper Guy!

Giancarlo Agonito is a rare book, manuscript,  historic document, and ephemera dealer. He’s been doing business in the Syracuse, New York area since 1997.

“I am very passionate about rare books and historic letters/documents, and have discovered and sold a wide array of extremely interesting items, many of them with the major auction house of Addison & Sarova, Auctioneers, in Macon, Georgia. Many items have been discovered in "the field" and have yielded amazing results! In their November 5 auction, I have a number of very important and significant items going up.

“One of the coolest items is a triple ship's log book, highlighted by the HMS Phaeton, and Capt. Francis Stanfell, on a voyage in 1817 around Africa, as a slave-intercept ship, and also to bring supplies to the men guarding Napoleon during his exile on St. Helena's! Some fascinating log entries. There are also two other logs and a bound in ALS from Capt. Stanfell, all logs having been bound in cloth by a famous naval collector, and featuring his bookplate.

“Also up is an incredible and very significant 1750 French Naval Treaty/Contract, a vital original 8 page manuscript document with actual charted results from the contract. This contract came at an all-time low of the French Navy, and was the largest-ever order for ship masts and all supplies of war, and is a treasure trove of sought-after information.

“Other items include an ALS from Antonio Cocchi to Don Gori from 1735, Cocchi being a very important scientist and physician, and the two friends having stolen body parts from Galileo on his re-burial! No other Cocchi letter or signature has come to market in nearly two centuries. There will also be several other very historic and fascinating letters from historic figures in French history.”

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