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“People love to joke that on the day I was born—Cinco de Mayo—my family and the hospital nurses celebrated with jalapeño peppers and margaritas in the delivery room. But actually, that’s not too far from the truth: while my poor mother was in labor, my family was off partying at the Cinco de Mayo carnival on Mercy Hospital’s front lawn in Miami, Florida, elbows deep in guacamole, chalupas, and carne asada,” Eliana Wittels Goldman wrote in a 2014 column for Saveur, the gourmet magazine.

All the big events in her life seem food-related. At The Knot website, we learned of another red-letter day:

July 17th, 2015- Corey took Eliana to John Dory's Oyster bar, for oysters (their favorite). Little did Eliana know, Corey flew her entire family and his entire family in for the big surprise. While the families hid, the waitress brought out two oyster shooters- a shot with an oyster to chase down with. When Eliana opened the oyster shell, there was a ring in it (not the real one). Corey then got down on one knee (with the real ring), and stayed for quite some time because Eliana was too surprised and hysterical to respond.

Happily, she got re-composed and the marriage took place in Miami last March.

Eliana’s also the author of The Whole Elchilada, a food blog:

I've just about tried it all. From grilled ostrich legs in South Africa, to fried octopus balls in Japan  - there's not a lot that intimidates my palate. But my adventurous appetite will never forget my first love: spaghetti and meatballs.

It's true: life has always been eclectic and delicious, but the path that led me here has been far from predictable. Born and raised in Miami, I brought my cabinet of spices to the University of Maryland with a semester stint abroad to explore the world on Semester at Sea. Post-college I brought the flavor to primary education as a second and third grade Reading Specialist with Teach for America, while cooking up a Masters in Education at the University of Miami. All the while I felt something bigger brewing; I was still hungry for more and knew it was time to feed my passion. So, I swapped out my teaching apron and threw on kitchen clogs. Off to the International Culinary Center in New York City I went! And believe it or not, I barely even knew how to boil an egg.

I have been savoring every bite since, from testing and developing recipes at Food Network and Saveur Magazine, marketing the New York City Wine & Food Festival, cooking at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, and teaching culinary demos at Campowerment, an Expert-led women's retreat. Now, to bring it full circle, I teach children's cooking classes at Freshmade NYC, a delicious cooking studio. OH, and through this process I met and married Corey, the man who stole my heart from spaghetti and Coco - the lucky guy who gets to taste my creations.

In an attempt to package my adventures together, I have crafted a one-stop shop with my favorite recipes, cooking chronicles, and life takeaways. I hope to tickle your taste buds and inspire you to whip out those cutting boards and get chop'n, all while making you laugh and inspiring you a thing or two in you for your life and the pursuit of your pursuit of the best darn sauce.

So gather ‘round the Atwater-Kent, foodies! Saturday, October 8 is cookbook hour at Bucks on the Bookshelf! Steven and Eliana will pick up where last week’s guest, Egyptian rare book conservator Sherif Afifi, left off with this admonition: “Never store your rare books near the kitchen”, and will talk- like The Walrus and the Carpenter- of many things.

And in Hour 2, after the tables are cleared and everyone in the studio audience has been sent home with groaning Tupperwares of leftovers, you’ve got sixty minutes of call-in time. Talk to Steven about your books, your collectibles, that ugly painting Aunt Pluma gave you that your friend thinks is a Van Gogh: it’s all up to you. Call in (there may also be prizes).

Bucks on the Bookshelf can be heard at and, noon-2 p.m. EST, with repeats at 8-10 a.m, EST, Sundays; and 2-4 a.m EST, Mondays.

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