Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Birthday Book of the Day: Steinbeck's 1954 Cannery Row classic, in a first-rate first edition

From a Medium tour, a tour of Steinbeck's world on the Monterey Peninsula:
Along the craggy Northern California coast, there’s a stretch of rocky peninsula that juts out into the cool blue of the Pacific ocean. It’s here you’ll find unforgiving waves crashing upon a shoreline with it’s own salty secrets.
In 1902, the same year John Steinbeck was born, the first cannery shed opened up on Ocean View Avenue. Not long after, a thriving fishing economy emerged from the bountiful amount of salmon and sardines that were being scooped up in the nets of enterprising fisherman...
Yesterday, the 1962 Nobel laureate in fiction, John Steinbeck, was born. And from Henry Bemis Books, a rare catch for his birthday:

Sweet Thursday.jpg

Steinbeck, John, Sweet Thursday (Viking Press, 1st ed., 1st printing, 1954). LOC 54-7983. Steinbeck’s sequel to Cannery Row (1945), Sweet Thursday finds Doc returning to the Row after World War II and trying to restore his neglected biological supply lab and Hazel coping with a vision that he is to become President of the United States, among other neighbors’ issues. A number of plot lines from Sweet Thursday- which, since you didn’t ask, follows Lousy Wednesday were incorporated into the 1982 film, Cannery Row. A delightfully funny novel filled with vivid characters. Hardcover, price clipped dust jacket. Octavo, beige-green cloth; very good condition; dust jacket near fine, very clean and bright. 273 pp. HBB price: $299.00.

Henry Bemis Books is one man’s attempt to bring more diversity and quality to a Charlotte-Mecklenburg market of devoted readers starved for choices. Henry Bemis Books is also happy to entertain reasonable offers on items in inventory. Shipping is always free; local buyers are welcome to drop by and pick up their purchases at our location off Peachtree Road in Northwest Charlotte if they like. #RareBooks #HenryBemisBooks #Steinbeck #CanneryRow #Charlotte

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