Sunday, April 30, 2017

What's the NEH done for you lately? Probably more than you think.

The President demands the abolition of the National Endowment for the Humanities in his new budget. His budget director, a former South Carolina congressman who tried tutoring Texas Governor Rick Perry on economics in his two presidential bids, dislikes culture and learning and thinks firefighters hate PBS, and so has allotted zero funding for it.

Since 1965, here's some of what the NEH has done to make learning and the arts available to all Americans:
Seven thousand books, 16 of which have won Pulitzer Prizes, and 20 of which have received the Bancroft Prize. Some recent ones are here.
The Civil War, the landmark documentary by Ken Burns viewed by 38 million Americans.
The Library of America editions of novels, essays, and poems celebrating America’s literary heritage.
The United States Newspaper Project, which cataloged and microfilmed 63.3 million pages of historic newspapers, paved the way for the National Digital Newspaper Program and its digital repository, Chronicling America.
Annual support for 56 states and territories to help support some 56,000 lectures, discussions, exhibitions and other programs each year.
Now there's an app to let you see if the NEH has any pending projects near you.

Here's an article explaining it.

And here's the app. 

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