Friday, September 8, 2017

Henry's Hurricane Book of the Day


Hawke, Myke, Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual (Running Press, 1st ed, first printing, 2009). ISBN 978-0-7624-3358-2. An astonishingly comprehensive guide to making do when you’re forced to do without. Hawke’s view- he is a former Special Forces captain and TV adventure show host)  is that survival skills come into play when you’ve lost everything you brought with you; otherwise, you are just camping. And we’re talking real survival: the author includes tips on unexpected products from which you can extract water, and which parts of a colleague are most toothsome if cannibalism is called for. 630 pp, hardcover, no dust jacket. Attractive design; worth reading just for the first aid tips that litter the well-designed and laid-out text. HBB price: $39.95 or best offer.

Those fleeing points south via I-77 or I-85 are welcome to collect en route. We are easily accessible from both.

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