Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Books: The Downton Mountain

First, we saw a telegraph machine clicking out news of the Titanic disaster, followed by shots of a train, a village, and a resplendent Highclere Castle. Seconds later we were following Daisy, the kitchen maid, as she scuttled through rooms with an ash bucket. Then Thomas walked into the frame, dashing in livery as he collected glasses from the previous night. We passed housemaids Anna and Gwen, plumping pillows amid an army of bustling servants. We saw Mrs. Hughes, the housekeeper, patrolling the hallways and Carson, the butler, instructing William to iron Lord Grantham’s newspapers. Then we traveled upstairs to an opulent bedroom where Lady Mary, looking like some disappointed princess, sat atop her bed and rang the bell for service. “And they’re off,” quipped Thomas.

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