Friday, March 24, 2017

Bucks on the Bookshelf is the only radio show in the world with a 100% call-in rate. So if you don't call Steve Saturday, it's on you (you don't actually have to call him "Saturday", either. He likes "The Bookman", fyi)

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We live in a fallen age.

The next caller you hear, the next personal story that makes you sniffle or shout with rage, may be the doing of someone at some faceless casting agency, hiring actors and writing scripts designed to titillate.

That’s right folks, for at least six years we who listen to talk radio have been peering through the studio window of a soap opera. A company started by Dick Clark has been selling on-demand voice talent to radio shows to sex up the dull bits for at least that long.

It doesn’t seem fair. You listen to hours of derps, zanies and chuckleheads, and then can’t get through even to the screener. You’ve read the internet guides for how to be Caller #10.

None of it works.

Happily, there are alternatives to #AltCallerRadio.

As we reported last week, Bucks on the Bookshelf is Old School. It’s artisanal, bespoke, freerange radio, as Marconi meant it to be.

You call in, you get in. It’s that simple.

You don’t even have to know anything about books. Host Steven Eisenstein roves the whole world of collectibles. If you can get more than one of something, you’re a collector. You can call in to talk about your collection of first-issue Big Mac boxes.

You’ll never feel like Clara Peller when you call in to Bucks on the Bookshelf:

It’s so easy, even your pet can do it:


Bucks on the Bookshelf can be heard at and, noon-2 p.m. EST with repeats at 8-10 a.m. EST Sundays; and 2-4 a.m EST, Mondays.

You can now listen to the show anytime on BOB$’ Facebook page after the live broadcast ends..

Calls from listeners make Steven exceedingly happy! The number is 727.498.0459. Steven can also be reached by email at

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