Sunday, December 4, 2016

Recommended: Knight Chamberlain's first book is a compelling story.

Congratulations to my college classmate, Knight Chamberlain, who is getting excellent reviews for his first book. He kindly let me read it a year ago; I couldn't find so much as a comma to suggest moving, and am proud to have a signed copy on my personal shelf.

His is his own story, one I did not know until he asked me to read the final draft. It couldn't have been easy to write, and he deserves praise for his candor telling a story with which most who've experienced it would have suffered, in silence, pretty much forever.

Sidestepping the Pit is published by Grateful Steps Foundation in Asheville, North Carolina.

In size, this is a small book, but well-laid out and illustrated. It has a big message, and deserves a big audience. I am happy to share news of it with my Henry Bemis family, and encourage you to spread the word.

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