Sunday, February 18, 2018

Black History Month Birthday Books: Two by Toni Morrison

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It’s the 86th birthday of Chloe Wofford, better known to readers as Toni Morrison. She was born in Lorain, Ohio, on this date in 1931. Lorain was a small town, with one high school. “We all played together,” Morrison remembers. “Everybody was either somebody from the South or an immigrant from east Europe or from Mexico. And there was one church and there were four elementary schools. We were all pretty much [...] very, very poor.” She never lived in a black neighborhood, and everyone just went to school together and didn’t think anything of it. “I didn’t really have a strong awareness of segregation and the separation of races until I left Lorain,” she said. She grew up listening to her mother sing — all kinds of music, from opera to the blues — and her chief sources of entertainment were radio plays, and the ghost stories and folktales that the grown-ups around her would tell.

Henry Bemis has two of Morrison’s best-loved works in first editions:



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