Thursday, February 2, 2017

When it comes to this week's Bucks on the Bookshelf, you'll listen if you know what's good for you.

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Bucks on the Bookshelf promises to be a laff riot Saturday, February 4 when host and former Miami and borscht belt entertainment director Steven Eisenstein hosts author, actor, musician, producer and snappy dresser Jon D’Amore! It’s the ultimate act!

And what can we say about a guy who sends you photos, reviews, several pages of questions to ask him, and then concludes, "I’ve been honored with Proclamations by 2 NJ Mayors with days of the year. Plus Proclamations from a Congressman, Senator and another Mayor. I’ve done countless radio & TV shows across the country, plus have lectured at a slew of high schools and colleges on the subjects of Creative Writing, Self-Publishing, Marketing & Promotion (I’ve been called “The King Of Self-Publishing & Self-Promotion”)? He’s said it all, already!

But seriously, folks… D’Amore is, among other accomplishments and public holidays, author of a riveting memoir of growing up in the Jersey mob, THE BOSS *ALWAYS* SITS IN THE BACK.

It’s the true story of a kid who yearned for art and music rather than a career in waste management, and who ended up in the middle of a huge Vegas gambling scandal.

So he’s going to talk about that, and pretty much anything else he wants!

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